Cut Base Amethyst Cluster from Uruguay – A Vibrant Centerpiece of Natural Elegance


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Introducing our splendid Cut Base Amethyst Cluster, an enchanting piece with a presence that’s both impressive and elegantly sized. Weighing 1.790 kg and measuring approximately 6.25″ in height and 4.2″ in width, this gem from Uruguay strikes a perfect balance between prominence and grace.

Rich, Gemmy Brilliance
This amethyst cluster shines with a super gemmy clarity, displaying a deep and rich purple that’s synonymous with the finest amethysts. Its dark, saturated color captivates the eye and adds a touch of regal sophistication to any setting.

Metaphysical Properties
Renowned for more than its beauty, this amethyst also carries with it a host of metaphysical properties:

Soothing Aura: It’s said to radiate calming energies that promote peace and reduce stress.
Mental Clarity: This cluster is believed to help clear the mind, aiding in concentration and enhancing intuition.
Protective Energy: Amethyst is traditionally used for protection, known to create an aura that shields against negativity.

Versatile Display
Though not the largest in stature, this piece is perfectly suited for various spaces needing a touch of natural splendor. The cut base ensures it stands proudly on any surface, from bookshelves and desks to altars and display cases.

Whether you’re drawn to the aesthetic beauty of this stunning cluster or to its serene, grounding energy, it is an ideal addition for collectors, healers, and anyone looking to infuse their space with the tranquil vibes of amethyst.

Experience the charm and soothing presence of our Cut Base Amethyst Cluster, a natural masterpiece waiting to become the heart of your collection.

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Weight 1.790 kg
Dimensions 6.25 × 4.2 in