Soothing Uruguayan Amethyst Cluster with Cut Base – A Homage to Purple Perfection


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Introducing our exquisite Cut Base Amethyst Cluster, a natural marvel from the lush lands of Uruguay. With a weight of 1.015 kg and dimensions of approximately 4.8 inches in height and 3.75 inches in width, this amethyst presents a captivating array of purple tones, beautifully consistent and harmoniously distributed throughout the crystal formation.

Elegant Monochromatic Shades of Purple
Gaze upon a cohesive array of purple hues, from soft lilac to hints of deeper violet, all coming together to form a serene visual tapestry. This amethyst cluster is a celebration of purple’s most soothing shades, offering a gentle yet enchanting presence in any environment.

A Piece of Tranquil Majesty
This gemstone is favored for more than its aesthetic appeal; it carries an air of tranquility:

Calming Influence: The uniform purple hues are believed to inspire calmness and peace, making it a perfect addition to spaces dedicated to relaxation or reflection.
Clarity and Wisdom: Amethyst is traditionally associated with clarity of mind and wisdom, qualities that are visually reflected in the clarity and sparkle of this cluster’s points.
Natural Protective Charm: Beyond its beauty, the amethyst is thought to have protective qualities, safeguarding one’s space from unwanted energies.

Perfectly Poised for Display
With its flat base, this cluster is designed to be a versatile centerpiece, equally at home on a mantlepiece, in a display case, or on a meditation altar. Its size and color make it a striking feature without overwhelming, ideal for both minimalist and more opulent settings.

Welcome this piece into your collection and let its uniform hues of purple imbue your space with a sense of natural sophistication and a whisper of the mystical energies of amethyst.

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Weight 1.015 kg
Dimensions 4.8 × 3.75 in