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The World of Quartz – Part 3

Continuing the Quartz Journey: Discovering More Hidden Gems


Welcome once again to The Quartz Pointe! Our previous explorations have taken us through a remarkable array of quartz varieties, from the mystical landscapes within Lodolite to the fiery depths of Red Hematoid Quartz. Each blog post has been a step deeper into the vast and diverse world of quartz crystals. Yet, our journey is far from complete. The quartz family, abundant in its variety and richness, still has many secrets and stories to unveil.

Unearthing New Quartz Wonders

In this next installment, we continue our quest to uncover the hidden gems of the quartz universe. We will introduce you to even more fascinating members of the quartz family, each with its unique beauty and intriguing characteristics. From the enchanting allure of Herkimer Diamonds to the Spirit Quartz, the depths of quartz’s diversity are endless.

As we dive deeper, we aim to not only showcase the visual splendor of these crystals but also to share their unique histories and the geological marvels that shaped them. Join us as we journey further into the heart of quartz, where each crystal is a window into the wonders of the natural world.

  • Herkimer Diamonds are a unique type of quartz known for their exceptional clarity and bright, diamond-like appearance. Although not actual diamonds, these double-terminated crystals are valued for their natural brilliance and distinct shape.

These crystals are predominantly found in Herkimer County, New York, which is their namesake. They have formed over millions of years in dolomitic limestone, creating their renowned clear, pointed, and faceted form.

On the Mohs scale, Herkimer Diamonds score at about 7.5, making them exceptionally hard for quartz. This durability, coupled with their natural, uncut beauty, makes them highly sought after for jewelry and collectible items. Their sharp, naturally faceted appearance appeals to both gem enthusiasts and jewelry designers for its purity and brilliance.

  • Enhydro Quartz is a geological marvel, a crystal that encapsulates a moment in time like no other. This extraordinary type of quartz contains ancient water trapped within its structure, often visible as bubbles that move within a fluid pocket. This unique feature makes each Enhydro Quartz a natural time capsule, holding water that could be millions of years old.

Enhydro Quartz forms when water gets trapped inside the crystal as it grows. These fluid inclusions are a fascinating snapshot of the environment in which the quartz formed, providing a direct link to the ancient world. The crystal itself can range from clear to smoky or even have other mineral inclusions, but it’s the water bubble that truly sets it apart. 

  • Petroleum Quartz is an enigmatic and rare variety of quartz, distinguished by its inclusions of liquid petroleum. This unusual combination results in a stone that seems to encapsulate the fiery essence of the Earth’s core. Found in very few places in the world, with notable sources being Pakistan and Afghanistan, Petroleum Quartz is a true geological curiosity. The presence of liquid petroleum trapped inside the quartz makes each piece not just a crystal but a snapshot of natural history and geological processes.

This type of quartz typically exhibits a clear to smoky base, within which golden-yellow to greenish droplets of petroleum are suspended. These oil inclusions can sometimes be made to fluoresce under UV light, revealing a mesmerizing, neon-like glow that adds to the stone’s mystique.

  • Ametrine is a striking and rare gemstone that beautifully blends two distinct quartz varieties: Amethyst and Citrine. This natural amalgamation results in a mesmerizing dance of colors, where deep, serene purples of Amethyst merge seamlessly with the bright, energetic yellows of Citrine. This dual-coloration makes Ametrine a visual metaphor for balance and harmony.

Ametrine forms in a unique set of geological conditions where Amethyst and Citrine coexist and crystallize together. This creates a stunning bicolor effect that is both rare and captivating. The crystal usually exhibits a clear, transparent quality, with colors ranging from vivid to pastel, depending on the concentration of iron which gives Citrine its yellow color and the temperature at which the crystal was formed.

  • Spirit Quartz, also known as Cactus Quartz or Fairy Quartz, is a magical and enchanting variety of quartz that truly stands out in the mineral world. This crystal is characterized by its central core, a larger crystal point, densely covered in smaller crystal points radiating outward. This unique formation gives it a sparkling, almost celestial appearance. The myriad of small points covering the main crystal catches the light in all directions, creating an almost otherworldly glow and vibrancy.

Most commonly sourced from South Africa, Spirit Quartz forms in a distinctive manner. The central crystal is a traditional quartz point, while the smaller crystals that envelop it are often amethyst, citrine, or clear quartz, creating a stunning array of colors and textures.

Conclusion: The Infinite Splendor of Quartz

As we draw this segment of our quartz journey to a close, it’s evident that the quartz family’s magnificence is as boundless as it is captivating. From the ancient waters encapsulated in Enhydro Quartz to the rare beauty of Ametrine, each variety of quartz we’ve explored is a testament to the planet’s dynamic and creative forces.

Herkimer Diamonds, with their diamond-like clarity, remind us of the hidden treasures nestled within the Earth, waiting to be discovered. Meanwhile, the unique formation of Spirit Quartz and the intriguing properties of Petroleum Quartz showcase the diverse ways in which quartz manifests its beauty and complexity.

Our exploration through these series of blogs has only scratched the surface of the quartz universe. The sheer diversity and beauty of quartz crystals are what make them a cornerstone of our collection at The Quartz Pointe. Each crystal not only adds to the aesthetic diversity of our collection but also deepens our appreciation and understanding of nature’s artistry.

We hope that these blogs have inspired you, as they have us, to marvel at the natural world’s wonders and to continue exploring the vast and varied landscapes of quartz. The journey through the world of quartz is never-ending, and there is always more to discover and appreciate.

Stay tuned to The Quartz Pointe for more insights, stories, and the unveiling of other natural marvels. Our passion for crystals is a journey that we are delighted to share with you, and we look forward to bringing more of the earth’s hidden gems into the light.

Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey through the world of quartz. Until next time, may your path be illuminated by the beauty and wonder of these natural treasures.