A woman standing on top of a rock near the ocean.

My Introduction

Hello and welcome to "The Quartz Pointe." I’m Santana Rendon, and this space is more than just a store—it's a testament to a journey that began at a crossroads in my life.

When I lost my grandmother, a healer in our community, her absence sent ripples through my world. It was as though her passing was a catalyst, a gentle nudge towards a deeper exploration of the metaphysical realm, that I had always been curious about. In seeking her, I found a path that led me not only to remnants of her wisdom but to a broader universe brimming with energy, healing, and the unknown.

"The Quartz Pointe" stands today as a bridge between her legacy and the collective journey we all embark on. Here, we embrace the spiritual tools—crystals, tarot, energy practices—that have guided countless souls towards self-discovery and healing. Each product, each interaction, is a step further into the world of the mystical, a world where we continue to seek, learn, and connect.

Join us as we journey together, finding pieces of our past and keys to our inner selves within the treasures of the earth and the mysteries they hold. At "The Quartz Pointe," your story intertwines with ours, creating a tapestry rich with knowledge, growth, and the enduring spirit of exploration.

Team Introduction

At the heart of "The Quartz Pointe" are Teresa, Amber, and Julie – a dynamic team whose dedication and diverse talents are the backbone of everything we do. Each of them brings a unique set of skills and a shared passion for the metaphysical, contributing immensely to every aspect of our operation. From selecting the perfect crystals at gem shows to ensuring every event runs smoothly, their involvement is integral. They are more than just a team; they are the pillars that support "The Quartz Pointe," making it possible for us to bring you nature's healing gifts. Their commitment and hard work are the reasons we’ve come this far, and it’s with their support that we continue to grow and serve our community.